Why Sigma Safety & Industrial Gloves

The first manufacturer of coated gloves in the Iran

The first national standard editor of this group of products (ISIRI 15534 compliant with EN420) And now we are developing other relevant standards

The first company certified by the Ministry of cooperatives labour and social welfare- center of research and training , which is renewed annually for all products

High experience in producing this group of products since 2009

Has experienced human resource , educated In the fields of Textile Engineering, Polymer, Quality Management, Electrical & Automation, Mechanics etc

Establishment of the first specialized standard laboratory for industrial and safety gloves based on ISIRI 15534 (EN420) and EN388

Perform all activities based on Quality management ( ISO9002: 2015) and CE certification and Follow all production & control instructions carefully to achieve best uniform qualified products

Full commitment and obligation of management and staff to customer orientation and continuous improvement process

In the second step of developing we are searching to develop hand protection technology to design and manufacture new products along with patents for welding gloves, level 5 cut resistance gloves, gloves needed for the electrical and chemical industries, biodegradable gloves and export of these products

Designing and manufacturing products based on high quality and reasonable price

We take pride in protecting your hands

National production Global quality


• 2007: Establishment of a company with the aim of producing industrial gloves. Start with the production of simple knitted gloves. It should be noted that the founders’ activity in the field of safety equipment goes back to previous years

• 2009: The first production of coated gloves in the country started in semi-industrial QTY with the cooperation of the Ministry of Industr

2010: Admission at the Technology Development Center of Semnan University – Mahdi Shahr Branch to developr production of these products in Iran with technology development focus.

2011: Selling stocks and attracting investors to buy and operate advanced lines and machines and receive the latest technology with high production capacity and quality

2014: Operate of the first industrial coated gloves production line

2016: Attracting the participation of Barakat Foundation as an investor in the two-phase company development plan

2016: Attracting the participation of Barakat Foundation as an investor in the two-phase company development plan

1997: Operating of the first phase of development and picking of the second phase of development to achieve the capacity of 15 million pairs of industrial gloves annually


Current mission of Sigma gloves • Design and manufacture of specialized industrial gloves
•In order to achievemnt providing maximum safety with the nessesary efficiency of the hands to perform all human activities
• Using the latest technology and knowledge
• Based on the principles of customer orientation and quality management
• To achieve high sales volume in domestic and international markets. • And move step by step in line with the business plan and vision


• Complete product portfolio in the groups of Mechanical Hazards, Chemical Hazards, Thermal Hazards, Electricity Insulation and Welding

• Designing and manufacturing specific products with new technologies such as nanodevices and biodegradable polymers, and the use of materials that minimize damage to humans and the environment.

• Lead the domestic market in the design and production of safety and industrial gloves

• Development of export markets

• Organization development in the production of upstream industry

Ideal :

A humanistic, intelligent, sustainable and green movement on the path to excellence with the aim of creating and respecting human values and serving the interests of human society based on:

• Creative and systematic thinking

• knowledge and technolog

• skill and expertise

• Purposeful effort.

To create:
•Value added and wealth

•knowledge and technology

• Goods and services

• Sustainable Development

• On a national and global scale


Striving to realize the potentials and spiritual transcendence by providing the physical and mental needs of all concerned

Striving for the common interest of human society

Appreciating and utilizing creative thinking in knowledge production and creation of new technologies and innovations and development of existing technologies

Providing Customer Satisfaction through Systematic Mechanism in Discovering and Resolving Customers need as the main basis of sustainability

Employee Engagement & satisfaction as the main basis of Sustainable Development

Creating and developing culture of efficiency, Quality management and systematic thinking